PumpPod Case Study:


Issues became apparent when working on a Low Pressure Alleviation Programme as a Framework Delivery Partner to a Water Company during AMP4.  Areas had been identified by the water company that had low water pressure which needed boosting.

We were engaged to design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and test skid mounted booster pump sets, the associated control panels and housing for areas with low water pressure. Of the 12 sites earmarked for low water pressure alleviation only 4 were completed. The remaining 8 sites were shelved on the basis that the expenditure was much greater than the need.

We identified a number of challenges that recur time and time again on projects of this type. When reviewing the project as a whole it was evident that there could and should be a standard booster pumping station design. Our engineers set out to make this a reality.

The issues that arise from site specific bespoke designed solutions are that they require a great input of time and consequently money. The involvement of various engineers; consultant, design, mechanical, electrical and civil drive the project cost up. Costs are not only high but the lead time to implementation is slow. Other inefficiencies exist within the design, build and installation processes that could be improved upon.