PumpPod Case Study:


The PumpPod™ streamlines many of the laborious processes involved in providing a pumping station solution. It reduces the cycle time for purchase and implementation, eradicates much of the bureaucracy and eliminates costly delays presented by collaborative approaches. It also moots benefits in the long term for the client and it operators who can monitor performance remotely.

The PumpPod™ improves the service offered to water companies in that it:

  • Offers a less complicated approach to pumping stations
  • Reduces project times
  • Simplifies and streamlines the entire process
  • Allows better allocation of capital budgets
  • They can be used in emergency and temporary situations therefore ensuring continuity of their service to their customers.

We are committed to maintaining the high level of service our clients have come to expect. Whether you are a utility, commercial or industrial user we stand ready to help. To that end we are excited about engaging new clients with our latest offering to the water industry.