PumpPod Case Study:



PumpPod™ is our latest innovation; it's design streamlines the design, build and installation processes. Standard unit designs erradicate site specific design. It is an intelligent, integrated water pressure boosting system. It is a prefabricated solution intended to replace the traditional booster pumping stations and site designs. It is a plug and play solution that requires minimal works to install that offers cost and carbon savings to customers. Utilising variable speed motors The PumpPod™ accomodates a wide range of flow requirements.

The PumpPod™'s continued development has innovated the processes involved with design, build and installation of booster sites.



The PumpPod™ is designed for clean water pumping only. It can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and is used to boost water pressure or control flow in the main supply to properties and premises. It can be easily integrated with existing water infrastructure.

The PumpPod™ can also be used in  temporary or over-pumping applications. The PumpPod™ could be used during emergency or planned shutdowns of existing assets as a quick and flexible mobile solution to ensure continuance of water supply/pressure.


Cost Driven

The PumpPod™ had several drivers or schools of leadership if you like but the most prevalent one initially was costs savings that could be achieved from a better thought out approach to pumping stations. It was a Framework contract which brought about the PumpPod’s existence. The contract was to design, manufacture, build and commission booster sites. Not all sites were completed some were shelved on the basis that the expenditure was much greater than the need.


Added Value

Our team researched the components of a booster site using several similar projects as a whole and observed there were a number of costly elements:

  • Design work
  • Project management
  • Time scale from conception to completion

The PumpPod™ was conceived to eliminate these issues and create a standard design solution.


Through a process of continuous development that involved working closely with our clients we now have the  PumpPod™ product that is both unique in its fully integrated design and is competitively priced.

The PumpPod™ has a number of key benefits over existing solutions:

  • Significant capital investment savings,
  • Reduced construction and building work,
  • Can avoid planning permission under permitted development rights,
  • Health & safety risks are reduced,
  • Manufactured off site,
  • Is operator friendly,
  • It is a plug and play solution and;
  • Small carbon foot print

Pump Design

The PumpPod™ reduces the costs associated with bespoke solutions. Our product range has 6 standard models. The range has 3 units which contain 2 pumps which can operate a duty-standby or duty-assist pumping regime. The other 3 units have 3 pumps which operate duty-assist-standby or duty-assist-assist pumping regimes. The PumpPod™ models cover a wide range of flow rates and pressures with the integrated controls to facilitate commissioning to meet site specific needs.  This range is a cost effective solution to the pressure boosting issues faced by utilities and industry in general. All pumps are variable speed allowing the unit to be optimised to each sites specific requirements.

Our clients on the initial contract welcomed this move to create a ‘one size fits all type solution.’